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I’ve always loved how easily I have been able to express myself, my parents had no problems getting me to be different and take chances. I have striven to live life with a “Yes and…” mentality, receiving given circumstances and saying yes to it - and seeing where these choices may take me. This is something I have carried with me through life, from graduating college, moving to New York and awaiting what God has next for me.

As I have walked through life I have found myself reverting to the arts to help me grow as a man and an individual.  As I entered the creative world, I found it was more than an art form but rather a life style. As I approach my new chapters of my life, I find myself referring to my creative roots more and more, shaping me and guiding me on my way.  

Our dreams are constantly changing, I find new passion in life weekly and hope to never stop. Today the dreams of being a Producer circle around my head, inspiring minds to reach their full potential, but also with the hopes of owning my own theatre company one day for the underdog. Who knows where these dreams lead, but I can’t wait to find out. Why should we be limited to one gift? I believe we are all called to do amazing things in this life, but how else will we figure out what our true passion is, until we try them all.


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"If you're never challenged you will never
reach your full potential."

-Chelsea Waller