Hey there readers,

I made a blog, suuuuuper original I know. "Will it die and fade away like so many have?" Let's find out!

For those of you who don't know, I am a Talent Manager at Talent Ink, I represent about 70 clients in NY and a few in LA for outlets such as TV/Film and Theater. How I got here? I wish I could tell you. This opportunity to work for Talent Ink was handed to me... more like chucked at me. A friend of mine set up a meeting for me to meet with the Manager of the NY branch, Arthur Massei. I thought I was going in for some sort of assistant/reception job; checking voicemails, handling calendars, etc. but after about 15 minutes of talking with Arthur, he started talking to me about who I'd be submitting clients to, how I'd be handling their contracts and how I could become a successful manager in this business. He knew I had ZERO experience, but I guess he kind of just trusted me. I hit the ground running, I immediately started googling how to do this, but I really couldn't find much on it, so, I learned by doing, listening, observing  and inevitably failing. 

What I've learned thus far, is that so much (as many of you know) of this industry is focused and rooted on the money that we can all make for each other, obviously! (who doesn't want money) And maybe I'm just naive and young, but the reason I love being a Manager, is being able to create a space/opportunity to create art and in doing so, making money! As glamorous as that sounds, there are approximately 18,963 actors that work in NYC (and that's only union and union eligible actor's), so where do you even begin? How do you stand out? How can you not be another statistic. 

My goal with this blog is to share everything I can, to help you, to help better our industry and to educate you with everything I've learn from my end as a Manager (and some times Producer) to help you have a SHOT at making it in this Industry

So here I go, trying to make a difference in the world anyway I can. I hope you enjoy the journey.