Where does motivation come from? More importantly, what motivates you? Is it quotes, inspiring stories, religion, a drive to be better than the other guy? Whatever it may be, it’s going to be different than everyone else, and we have to learn how to achieve it for ourselves.

Finding motivation is so difficult sometimes, there are days where I wake up and just KNOW that I am not capable of achieving all that I should for the day, I know that the bare minimum will be the only thing achieved and that’s just going to have to work. Then I’ll have other days where I am pumped, I am ready to get shit done, and other people’s work too for that matter.

I think that the idea of being motivated and driven are so blown out of proportion these days. We live in a world where we constantly hear “get shit done” “be better than the next”, “Hustle harder”, which can put a fire under your ass, but how long does it last? In my experience, a day tops. How can we train ourselves to obtain the formula to motivation and how to channel it when needed?

I know we all know the expression, “Just Do It”, and 9 times out of 10, when we need to get something done, we just have to do it, as minute or small, or tedious as it may be, there is no other way to accomplish this, then to just do it. For example, me right now writing this post; I have very little motivation, I am tired, I’m trying to find a new apartment in this crazy expensive city, my grandmother is extremely sick, and I’m involved in way too many projects, my head is about to explode, POOR ME! But, I am just doing it, because I set a goal for myself to post every other Monday, so here I am, just doing it.

I personally get a lot of my motivation from feedback, I love putting something out there in the social media world, and when I get feedback (bad and good), I am motivated that whatever it is I am putting out there, is heard, needed and/or wanted. I am motivated by self-help books, seeing other people’s facebook posts about successes that they have accomplished (weather it’s jealousy or being proud, it motivates me). I am motivated by my devotional I read every morning, I am motivated by my family, and I am motivated by my past accomplishments. So often we forget how much we have done and achieved, sometimes looking back on ALL that we have accomplished can reignite our passion, and remind us, we can do this.

My challenge for you this week, think about what motivates you the most, and share it with others, either here or in your own world, because you never know, you may help someone else find their motivation.


Books I recommend:

The Lazy Guru

Crushing It

You’re a Badass